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Do you need to courier service to China? We offer a range of delivery services to suit every need and budget, so whether you need an express service for an urgent delivery, or a value service to send a gift to friends or family, we have parcel delivery to China “all wrapped up”.
As with all of our international parcel services, our parcel deliveries to China are fully tracked with a named confirmation of delivery*, so you have full peace of mind. Sending parcels with Parcelforce Worldwide couldn't be more convenient; arrange for a collection from your home or place of work, or drop off at a local Post Office® or one of our depots.
From Beijing to Hong-Kong, we work with trusted partners with expert knowledge to deliver hundreds of thousands of parcels to China each year. 
China Parcel Delivery Services
Service Tracking Cover Prices from  
From 3 days
Yes £200


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From 4-9 days depending on area
Yes £100


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Delivery usually 6-10 days
  £100 £34.20* Buy online
Delivery usually 60-70 days
  N/A £31.50* Buy from a Post Office or depot

*parcel delivery services to China do not attract VAT


Parcel Delivery to China for Businesses

China has seen massive growth in previous years, and can now boast being the world’s second largest economy.
Over the past decade the Chinese import market has grown by a factor of five to £1.2tnThe country’s growing middle classes have led to an increased demand for luxury British goods, particularly food and drink products and fashion items.
Trading with the People’s Republic of China often requires a local agent within the country - regulations on imports change frequently. If trading with a state corporation, goods are often allowed into the country free of duty. Import licences are also often granted automatically. There are preferential trading agreements in place between China and the EU for goods including agricultural products, ceramics, clothing, cosmetics, footwear, glass leather goods, textiles, wines and spirits. Certain goods may require pre-shipment inspection by a qualified organisation in the UK under the China Compulsory Certification scheme (CCC)
If you are a regular parcel sender then you could benefit from discounted rates when you open an account with us.



Prohibited Items

China closely monitors the goods that travel through its borders from other countries, including the UK. When you send a parcel to China, you should consider the restrictions imposed by the Chinese authorities. Below is a list of restricted items for mailing to China. Please be aware that Chinese regulations change frequently, and so this list cannot be seen as exhaustive. 
  • Anything that is marked "Republic of China" or "Made in China,
  • Radio transmitter-receivers and units ensuring secrecy in communication
  • Wines and tobacco
  • Rare or endangered animals or plants (including specimens thereof) and their seeds or reproducing materials
  • Powders, liquids, lithium batteries or lithium cells are prohibited for carriage by domestic air transport within China
  • Ivory
  • Perishable foods
  • Money and precious metals
  • Funeral urns and ashes

A Full list of prohibited items can be found here.


*online tracking available for globalexpress and globalpriority services only.

UK Exports to China: Now and in the future (.pdf) 

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